Hello stranger,

For a long time I wanted to make a safe space, a collection of things that I have discovered and researched in my free time, the things that have kept me curious about this world and the beings roaming on it. But like with every thing that is not the immediate necessity, it took a while for me to finally begin this journey, and more importantly, to share it.

This blog’s title and description are already a good summary of what I hope to create here. A place where the craving to understand is not limited and where judgement is not cast as long as the ethical lines are not crossed. I crave to understand this world better, the little nooks and corners, the way that the mind of a person works, the way that certain communities function. I crave to expand my knowledge through putting myself out there, by learning and analysing, and by trying to turn this new-found knowledge into something that maybe somebody else would be interested in learning more about. I hope to write and share thoughts and ideas, and perhaps there will be somebody who will be interested in joining this journey of mine.

Welcome to my safe space, and I hope you enjoy the ride with me!