Hello stranger,

To give you a better understanding of the topics that I will be writing about on this blog, I decided that it was just fair that I would write a small list and a little explanation of why these topics fascinate me. A lot of it has to do with the internet culture and the smaller niches of what makes the online fan culture. That means that some things that I will be writing about are:

  • Fanfiction and the culture surrounding it. The reason why I am interested in fanfiction culture is because it’s something that I have been familiar with for years now, and though I have a lot of experience with it, at the same time a lot of parts of it are a complete mystery that I would like to wrap my mind around.
  • Fan communities. Such communities are not uncommon through the years even before the internet, but with the rise of the world wide web, they seem to have become a lot more international. With this sort of reach, it allows for the communities to have a wide amount of opinions and there is both, a lot of strain caused by the magnitude and the widely more open-minded overall perception in the community as a whole. I am curious of the pros and cons of such communities.
  • The strain of information. Though it is a good thing that we have such easy access to information, at times it has proven to be an issue in itself. A lot of misinformation that is spread and how it affects the world of internet users.

These are just a couple of the topics that I hope to work on researching, but I know that it will definitely not be limited to it either. So look out, perhaps we’ll go into the detailed research of how the cog was made, too!